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How to update the SupportEmailBodyTemplate of ContextHelpSchema ?

The Code is a Localizable Strings, I want to update the Value (body) by a custom template. How can I achieve this ?

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Hello Naresh,

You can achieve your goal in a simpler way:

Go to System designer -> find "Translation" -> find key Configuration:ContextHelpSchema:LocalizableStrings.SupportEmailBodyTemplate.Value -> for required localization change data -> click the "Apply translations" button


Hello Anhelina,

Thanks for the response, but I am trying to update the value of the Localizable Strings of "SupportEmailBodyTemplate" with some custom template. But the value itself has some URL encode embedded to the text, I want to update the text using JavaScript, or is there any other way I can do this ?

Let me know.


Naresh Mamillapalli,

You can create a replacement of ContextHelpSchema. To do this: go to System designer -> Advanced settings -> Custom package -> Replacing view model -> in modal window fill "Parent object" with "ContextHelpSchema (ContextHelpSchema)" -> Apply -> Here you can write your custom template and change Localizable Strings.

Link to Academy resources for replacing schema:

P.S. Method prepareEmailConfig from ContextHelpSchema is filling SupportEmailBodyTemplate. Please, double check it when replacing and use a debugger to feel confident at all stages of change.

Best regards, Anhelina!


Yes, I did that already by Replacing view model and adding another schema in my package, but the problem is with the value, how shall I update the value of "SupportEmailBodyTemplate", it is in the format of "body=%0D%0A****" etc., I just wanted to use the plain text in the value to replace with my custom template, but it is not working/taking the plain text. How should I achieve this ?


M Naresh

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