Compile Warning: FacebookMessagingService.OmnichannelMessaging.cs


When i publish my changes the system ( pop up this message/warning:

FacebookMessagingService.OmnichannelMessaging.cs | 49 | 
This async method lacks 'await' operators and will run synchronously. Consider
using the 'await' operator to await non-blocking API calls, or 'await Task.Run(...)'
to do CPU-bound work on a background thread.

Can you help me to fix this, please?



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Hello Wolf, 


This warning message appears because there is no await operator in the RegisterFacebookMessenger async function of the FacebookMessagingService schema (the await operator is actually presented in this function but is commented and as a result, the compilator returns a warning). Please ignore it since it doesn't impact the system functionality at all. We have already created the request for our R&D team to review the logic of this schema and apply changes to it to remove the warning message in further releases. 


Our apologies for this inconvenience!


Best regards, 


Hello Wolf,


There is a system setting you can change to ignore compiler warnings (you’ll still see errors). See…



Olga Avis,

thank you for your reply. 


No problem. :)


Best regards,


Ryan Farley,

Hi Ryan,

good to know, thanks.



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