Charts - shorten amount/count in y axis

Hi Community,


In creatio charts, is there a way to shorten amount/count in y axis, suppose if it is one million instead of 1000000 we will show 1M for one hyndred thousand instead of 100000 we will show 100K. The display is not looking good for managers having all these zeros




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Hello Fulgen, 


As of now such changes cannot be achieved with a help of basic system tools. We've registered a query for our responsible R&D team to consider implementing such functionality in the upcoming versions of the Application.


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Yes  +1 as high priority when presenting dashboards to management, it bothers ALL our clients, in terms of how they show numbers need a big revamp - we should be able to provide a fixed axis height or index, be able to show the numbers like here below in K or M, like 10M rather than 10000000. In terms of numbering presentation, dashboards in Creatio are really lagging behind a lot of equivalent software in graphs...

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