calendar view in custom sections

How can we create the calendar view in any custom section. Is it posible? 

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Dear Daniel, 

Could you please clarify a bit your business task? Calendar view in activities makes sense because of it's continuous nature  (from start date till due date).

Do you want to implement the similar logic in custom section? 

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Yes, we need to replicate activities calendar view in a custom section

Hello Daniel,

A calendar is a view of the "Activities" section. The functionality of adding a new view (SchedulerDataView) is implemented in the ActivitySectionV2 schema (NUI package). The "Schedule" element responds to the data display.

I recommend to start from methods "getDefaultDataViews", "loadSchedulerDataView", attribute "SchedulerDataViewName".

Such task is very ambitious. Unfortunately, there is no detailed implementation guide, but you can implement your own idea by analogy.

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Is it possible to develop something like this? see attachment.

i am looking for solution for convenient an centralized reviewing of all rented units (with date from/ date to) with possibility create a new rent order directly from this view. Calendar view should be scalable (month / quarter / year).

I didn't find anything like this on marketplace...

Viesturs Klavins,

There are no manuals on how to do that. However, you can try to install the FieldSales package

It contains a custom grid that looks similar to the on the screenshot. Please investigate how it was created. It might help you to find a solution.

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