Calendar - Day Offs in Pharma

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When I set calendar for an employee setting day offs , how the system allows scheduling activities on that day. 

How to calculate efficiency of an employee when he has reduced working hours but yet he is working?

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Dear Shailey,


There is no such functionality that allows to calculate the user's efficiency. You can use the activities for any days. For example, if a customer center user works with cases, he can set the activity with the completed status where start date and due date is the actual time spent to process this case. I case a user spends 1 hour for a ticket - he sets the 1 hour activity.

Another workaround is to use SysUserSession table to see how much time a user was logged in and use this data in the efficiency estimation.  You will be able to see how many days the user was logged in and compare it with the overall business days amount in your targets. 

Other than that, the there is no default tool to calculate this data.




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