Button not displaying on page when accessing via Global Search



I have two buttons on the accounts page that appear fine except when navigating to page via Global Search, where one disappears.


Standard Record access


Access via Global search



Both buttons have same set up except one is right container and one is left.


Anyone know why this is happening and how to resolve it?


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Please specify how exactly this button was implemented in your system.

It was created using Replacing view model. It works and displays fine unless you go into record via Global Search. The other button 'Supplier Approval' was created in same way and displays when viewing via global search. The pages are the same so it is strange.

Rob Watson,


are you sure that the "Compliance approval" button has its implementation in the section schema (the button is developed to be used in combined mode)?

Hi Oleg,


Yes the setup is the same as the 'supplier approval' which does show when accessing via Global Search, The only difference is that one is using combined right container and one is using combined left container

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