Build/view/Edit hierarchy into an Org Chart

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is there a script or tool in creatio that convert hierarchy of records like employees/department into an organization chart. 

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I can't give you a solution (you could try the Marketplace), however some C# I wrote recently to traverse the employee tree using the employee `ManagerId` which may be of use as a starting point (it returns a list of all staff subordinate to the starting employee):

using Terrasoft.Configuration;
using Terrasoft.Core;
using Terrasoft.Core.DB;
using System;
using System.Data;
using System.Collections.Generic;
namespace Terrasoft.Configuration.UsrEmployeeTree
	public class EmployeeTree
		private UserConnection UserConnection;
		private Guid employeeId;
		public EmployeeTree(UserConnection userConnection) {
			UserConnection = userConnection;
		public void TraverseTree(Guid employeeId, List<Guid> staff) {
			var select = new Select(UserConnection)
					as Select;
			using (DBExecutor dbExecutor = UserConnection.EnsureDBConnection()) {
				using (IDataReader dataReader = select.ExecuteReader(dbExecutor)) {
					while (dataReader.Read()) {
						TraverseTree(dataReader.GetGuid(dataReader.GetOrdinal("Id")), staff);


impressive, will try it out 

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