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Is there a way to stop the software from logging users out automatically due to inactivity?  I'm guessing there is a timer setting somewhere that controls this.

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Dear Scott, 

There is the system setting called "User session timeout" that is responsible for that. However, you can't stop system from logging users out completely using base system tools. Could you specify your business task for this functionality?  

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thanks, that fixed it

Dennis Hudson,

Hi Dennis. We have a similar use case where, during a specific period of time, we do not want a user to be auto-logged out irrespective of inactivity. Can we achieve this through configuration/customization?? 

In other words, can we forcibly extend a user's session irrespective of in-activity?

Hello Shrikanth,


By default, the system has the next time range for the "User session timeout" parameter: the minimal value is 10 minutes and the maximum value is 720 minutes (12 hours). So you can set the needed value in system settings for all users ("User session timeout") according to this range:


Also, you can open user profile and set the personal time out period for the specific user (need to go to the  "Access Rules" tab):


If you need to increase the time out session range (for example, up to 16 hours), please contact our supoprt team if it's cloud installed application or you will be able to set it by yourself for on-site application:


go to --> WebApp.Loader\SysSettings.config


<sysSetting key="UserSessionTimeout" valueType="int" operation="min" value="10"/> <sysSetting key="UserSessionTimeout" valueType="int" operation="max" value="720"/>


Unfortunately, there is no possibility to set the different session timeouts for specific periods of time for the out-of-the-box version of the application.


Best regards,


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