ADFS error when accessing root site address with active session


we have set up login via ADFS, for initial login it works correctly. But when trying to access root of the website in new tab (with active session) we receive 403 error 


DefaultDocument is set as described here

version 7.14


Could you suggest what is the issue here? 

Thanks in advance 

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Update: when we performed error tracing, there is no actual error in the report

Hello Iuliia Diakiv,


It only means that there is a problem with the Web.config file located in the root application directory (loader config). Also this error message doesn't really mean that the problem is with SSO settings in the Web.config file, but with its content in general. You need to check for comment symbols or opening tags, closing tags and check if they are needed there or not.


You can also take an out-of-the-box Web.config file and Web.config file of your app and compare them using some comparining tools like Araxis Merge.


Best regards,


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