Adding a "visit" activity using business process


I've installed the field module app and configured "rules" & "actions".

Now I need to add a new "visit" activity with actions rule that I defined using a business process. I successfully created such record, BUT I can't find the way how to define the actions ("Actions - Visit" detail) when I'm creating the record in the business  process.

Any Idea?





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Dear Eran,

Actions - Visit - it is a detail.
Detail has its own object.
So, you need to use one more business process element "Add data" to add records to the object of the detail.
It is impossible to create records in multiple objects using 1 business process element.

Best regards, Alex,

Thanks Alexsei, 
I've tried to add a record to the "Actions - Visit" detail  (VisitActions table), BUT the "VisitActions" object is  NOT on the list of Objects to select of the "Add  data" element... 


Any Idea ?

Eran Malik,

Please contact a creatio support team.
They will escalate the question to the responsible team and I hope your issue will be solved.
Best regards, Alex.

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