File system storage integration

Hi team,


Can you help me out with File system storage integration? 

I installed External File Storage for Creatio | Creatio Marketplace and I defined in Lookup Default file storage for section that provider is File system as you can see in screenshot:

The problem begins when I try to upload some attachment data in any of these Section, I get this message:

Other problem is when I try to transfer attachment file ( Storage = File system) to other section I get empty file ( size = 0 kB).

Can you help me with this problem or give me some guides what to do?


Thank you in advance!


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Hello Marijana,


Thank you for your question!


Your question is related to the functionality available within the marketplace application: External file storage for Creatio (… you encounter any issues while using the add-on, please reach out at for further assistance.


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One thing to check is to make sure the folder in the file system has access by the application pool user for Creatio in IIS. 




Thank you for your help, now it works!

Have a nice day.


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