Problem: Activity connection lost on reply to email

When I reply to an email I expect that the new email will carry forward ALL of the connections of the original email.  Instead, at least one connection, Activity, is left blank.  

Can this functionality be added?

We are using rev. cloud based Sales module.

Thank you.


Hi John,


Could you please confirm what you mean by the connections? Are you referring to the 'connected to' detail or the connected emails?

A screenshot would be much appreciated.


Best regards,


Anastasiia Lazurenko,

Connected to.  These connections are copied forward to the reply email:

  • Account - yes
  • Chat - unknown
  • Document - unknown
  • Opportunity - yes
  • Activity - NO
  • Contact - Yes
  • Lead - unknown

Hi John,


Thank you for confirming. This is the basic logic of the application. The thing is if you forward a letter - there is no business value in connecting the very same email to the same activity. We have registered a task for our R&D team to review this logic. I will assign your case to the project in order to raise its priority.


Best regards,


On the contrary, there is every business reason to maintain all of the connections on an email when replying to that email.  In essence, all of the connected objects make up continuous threads of activity on those connected objects.  It's the same logic behind maintaining the Account link, or the Opportunity link, etc. 


I believe my expectation of the behavior (copying/maintaining all of the connections) is what any user would expect.

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