Bring back academy doc updates on academy homepage

Recently, the items that appear on the academy homepage are more press-release related items. In the past, the academy home page would show items that were more informational about updates in the academy itself. These were far more useful, and relevant, for the academy (in my opinion). Some examples of items that appeared on the academy homepage in the past were things like:

  • Release notes for a new version
  • Updates for some topic in the academy docs
  • A new page published in the academy docs
  • etc

This was a great way to be aware of these new items that were added to the academy docs. The information is still published in the academy docs, but now you only know about them if you happen to come across the info in the docs by specifically looking for it. I used to subscribe to the RSS feed for the academy so I would know when something was added/updated/etc, it was a great way to stay on top of new info.

Why have these informational updated about the academy docs stopped appearing on the home page of the academy? They were far more useful/relevant for the academy - I'd prefer to see the press-release updates elsewhere, like some general Creatio news feed. The academy has a purpose, and the updates relevant to it's purpose aren't promoted any longer.


Hi Ryan,

Totally agree - Academy should be about working on the tool. Concrete example: documentation area got totally overhauled last week : but no news on the academy update page. Isn't it major academy news ??!!!


I believe the news section on the website is more appropriate for PR information:




Totally Agree.

The other day I was wondering why I stopped seeing the release notes and realized they disapperad from the feed that today is mostly irrelavent for me.



Ryan, Damien, Luis,

Thank you so much for your feedback; we greatly appreciate it.

We will thoroughly analyze this situation within our team, discuss it with the relevant department, and strive to enhance our performance in this regard. Unfortunately, solutions that we find useful and convenient may not always align perfectly with our expectations.

We are committed to improve and value your opinion.

I will also create an additional request and communicate your suggestion to the team so that we can initiate the process in this direction as soon as possible.

Thank you for contributing to making our product better.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Best regards,


Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your feedback; it's incredibly valuable to us. We are currently in the process of developing a new Academy homepage, and we're committed to making sure users can easily access product-related news. In the interim, we will also make an effort to refocus our attention on the existing page to strike a better balance with product updates. Once again, your input is greatly appreciated.

Alex Prusakov,

Thank you so much for the response. Plus, I've noticed that the informational updates about the academy are back as well. Thank you!!


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