Update guide for Email Listener

In this article, you can find algorithms of Email Listener updating microservice in different deployment methods.

Run the following command
helm upgrade -i #specify parameters the same as during installation.
You can find the installation sample in the deployment instructions.
The current version of the helm package is available in the article:

For Docker:

Delete a running container with an out-of-date version of Exchange Listener.

docker rm - f <container_name>

After that, download new files of the Email Listener microservice to the directory and run the command with installation instructions

docker-compose up -d
The latest version of Exchange Listener can be found in the Docker Hub community here.

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Thank you for the guide, but could you please link to the latest email listener service ?


In the academy documentation , for Kubernetes or docker, both point to version 0.8.74 whilst the latest versions are on 1.xxx for a couple months already apparently....

Please update your on-premise documentation, these critical service files links are outdated for more than 1/2 year.....


P.S: Shouldn't any posting to the latest academy page reference be in 8-0 and not 7-18 link by now?

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