Is it possible to trigger process's signal from backend (C# code)? 

For example, I modify record of schema in C# code and I want process to become triggered when the record was modified.

I have tried to make it as shown on a picture but it didn`t work. It worked only if the record was changed from UI side.

I would be very appreciated for knowledgebase link concerning this question.

Thank you in advance.

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What does the C# code look like that you're using to trigger it?

Can you provide more details on your custom code since I've created a simple method in the Account object that modifies a contact in the process inside the Account object (using onInserted method):

var contactEntity = UserConnection.EntitySchemaManager.GetInstanceByName("Contact");
			var contactRecord = contactEntity.CreateEntity(UserConnection);
			contactRecord.FetchFromDB("Id", new Guid("9c4111d2-cbf1-49f2-8c2b-00c6a82547c0"));
			contactRecord.SetColumnValue("Name", "From the code");

and it triggers the business process with the start signal that is executed when the Contact name is modified. Maybe your logic is not modifying the record in the manner that should trigger the business process.

UsrContactSaved - the process on Contact schema that triggers when Contact record is saved ContactUtilities.ChangeContactStatus - the method that should change Status on schema Contact (this method is scheduled by job)

UsrOnContactStatusChanged - the process that should be triggered when the Status field in Contact schema was changed (but it doesn`t trigger)

So, when UsrContactSaved process triggered, there is a code in it that schedule a job that must call ContactUtilities.ChangeContactStatus in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes triggers ContactUtilities.ChangeContactStatus method and it changes Status via method in C# code.

In conclusion, status changed but UsrOnContactStatusChanged didn`t work. Expected result: UsrOnContactStatusChanged has to be triggered after work of UsrChangeContactStatusProcess process.

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