Hello colleagues,


I didn't find how can I create a Dynamic Folder in LOOKUPS to include my own lookups, from a specific package or with some specific prefix in the name or whatever.


Somebody have this need?


we want to bind my lookups and the folder to deploy to a production instance, but just can bind the lookups, the static folder where I added them (so cannot create a Dynamic one), but the static folder have no elements, I guess when imported to a new instance the id of the elements is another and didn't include them


I have no this problem in folder lookups of System setting, processes and another, just with lookups, I suppose is due to the another folders are dynamic ones.


So the question are:

  • It's possible to create a Dynamic Folder to lookups with met the conditions above, and
  • In case it isn't, how can I bind the static folder to lookups content?


Thanks in advance


Best regards


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Hello ,

You can Create Dynamic Folder based on their name . Please see the Attachment.

smit suthar,

Thanks Smith, I know to do this, but I have dozens of Lookups, for this reason I want to do a Dynamic Folder of LOOKUPS using the Starting as Using the Name (with my own prefix) or specifiing the package... But don't know how to get this filter (repeat for lookups)


Thanks again

Hello Julio.Falcon_Nodos,

You can create a dynamic folder and add "starts with" filtering for your prefix.

Anton, I have no access to object Code, I mean the internal code name of the lookup. What you get there is the name, localizable, not unique of the lookup, what I need to access is what you see in the image, below, and select "Code starts with Ndos" or "Package = Nodos.BirthdayGreeting"  to get all lookups created in the package in the folder.

Anton Starikov,

Anton, when I saw Name I refer to the internal code name, not to the localizable Name of the lookup, see my comment above. Thanks

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Hello Community,

There is a bug in the system regarding the 'Contact in Folder' object, because apparently uses InsertQuery directly into the database, instead of the InsertQuery class.This object doesn't throw signals. How can we capture the event of an added record in such a scenario ?

Thank you


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Could you please provide us with an example of the InsertQuery which is not working?


Object name is ContactInFolder. If you try to catch an event ( when contact is added to a Static Folder) through a Business Process, the business Process wont trigger.

My question is how to catch the event of adding Contacts to a Static Folder?

Sasori Oshigaki,




And is the option with the business process with the timer that starts each 1 hour and reads records that were created in the previous 1 hour suitable here? You can read data and process it in this way. 

Hello Oleg,

Thats the solution we are providing for the moment. Thought that it was better to do something more performant, that doesnt overload the system by executing each hour.

Thank you


Besides the option that Oleg provided, another variant is to create a trigger in the DB because normal events like OnInserted won't work with INSERT INTO.

Hello Dmytro,

Thank you for your answer. Is there anywhere in the system a similiar implementation of a trigger, so that we can take it as a reference while we develop our own ?

Thank you,


The system rarely uses database triggers so it would be hard to provide a suitable example.

It would be better to search trigger examples in the DB documentation

Thank you for your reply Dmytro!


Hello Dmytro,

I created this trigger

CREATE OR ALTER Trigger [dbo].[trigger_InsertContactInFolderAfterEvent] 
ON [dbo].[ContactInFolder]
FROM ContactInFolder AS cf
inner join Contact as co on cf.ContactId=co.Id
where co.[Name] like 'V3%'

It practically deletes Contacts (whose name start with V3),that are added in the Static Folders. Does this added trigger may cause problems for the overall system ?

Thank you Sasori

Dmytro Vovchenko,

Hi Dmytro

Any Update ?

All the best Sasori

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Hi Team!


Can you help us on how to add static folders to:

1. custom section?

2. Creatio OOTB section, where the static folders functionality is not available by default (for example, Contracts)?

I've tried inserting folder of Static type into %Section%Folder, but it works only for the sections where static folder already available in UI. 

Thanks in advance!

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1. Please be informed that static folders functionality is not available in the custom section. We have created a corresponding query for our R&D team.


2. In the basic system version only the following section can have static folders:


process library

process journal


system settings

As for the Contacts section, static folders are available with the "Marketing" product only.

Is this going to be added at some point? It seems dumb not to have it everywhere. 



Unfortunately, this functionality is still not available. Our team is working on it, but we can not provide an ETA for it. 

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