I was working on richtextbox and follow a post from customerfx on how to add one. Everything is working fine aside from when adding photos to richtext box.

I get an error:

and here was my diff codes:

				"operation": "insert",
				"name": "STRING058fcc3b-20b0-4264-9dad-964e360f5012V2",
				"values": {
					"layout": {
						"colSpan": 24,
						"rowSpan": 1,
						"column": 0,
						"row": 3,
						"layoutName": "VehicleDescriptionsTabLabelGridLayout81318709"
					"bindTo": "TCOverview",
					"enabled": true,
					"contentType": Terrasoft.ContentType.RICH_TEXT,
					"labelConfig": {
						"visible": false
					"controlConfig": {
						"imageLoaded": {
							"bindTo": "insertImagesToNotes"
						"images": {
							"bindTo": "NotesImagesCollection"
				"parentName": "VehicleDescriptionsTabLabelGridLayout81318709",
				"propertyName": "items",
				"index": 0

TCOverview's data type in Case schema is RichTextBox.

Any thoughts?

Like 0



RichTextBox is a different field type - that's for Freedom UI rich text fields. For classic pages, typically an unlimited text field is used. Not sure if that is the cause of your issue or not (probably not since it works other than for images), but maybe something to try changing.

Also, what type of page is this on? Is this a section's edit page or some other kind of page (like a detail page)? The collections for the images aren't added on detail pages so there's other items to add to the page as well as a mixin IIRC.


It's on Case Edit Page.

I will try the unlimited text field as you suggest.

Also, I tried testing the Note's RichTextBox and it was not working.

We highly recommend that you upgrade to version 8.0.4. In this case, you will be able to display the Rich text column in the object builder. Then you can display the column added in the object using the wizard on the Classic UI page.

Artem Smyrnov,

I'm in

I made a video to show an extended problem I notice.

Explaination: https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/22860805?key=4352d87ffb94df03fb39f305284347fb

Solem Khan Abdusalam,

I have seen that issue where the image gets added to both rich text controls. That is an issue when there are more than one rich text on the same tab - it won't happen if you split them up onto different tabs. The problem is that they are all sharing the same collection for the images. I was able to work around this by duplicating all the page items such as the collection NotesImagesCollection and the related functions such as the insertImagesToNotes function, however it was a bit of work - far easier to just separate them onto separate tabs to avoid the issue.


Ryan Farley,

NotesImagesCollection and insertImagesToNotes are both page items of BaseEditPage is that what you mean?

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