Hi, we have created a local smtp server only for sending e-mail. 

Is there any way to configure only the SMTP Outgoing mail server ?

In Service Setting Service type is IMAP , if we disable the imap configuration option, it will automatically disable smtp.

Is it possible to configure only the SMTP server on Creatio without filling the imap field?

Best regards 

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Hello, Antonio!


When you turn on the SMTP setting but turn off the IMAP setting, you can type the value for SMTP, and it will work fine in your case.

Don't pay attention to the fact that the switch is displayed in gray, in fact, it is turned on and you can continue with the setup.


Best regards,


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When I send email from Creatio, it appears in Gmail 'Sent' folder.

But when I send email from Gmail, it doesn't appear in Creatio.


Is it possible to configure (or develop) synchronization to see in Creatio emails send from Gmail (or another mail client)?

Thank you!

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Have you looked in here?


keith schmitt,

Yes, in both - Incoming and Outgoing 



Please note that it should synchronize the emails sent from Gmail and something must just not work right. It's better if you register a case for our support team and describe the problem there, as we will need to check the issue more closely and it can't be resolved here on Community.


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How is your mailbox configured ?

Did you synchronize the whole email box or only a specific folder ?


Furthermore, is the Exchange Listener micro-service running ?

Are you on a Creatio cloud instance or On-Premise instance ?


Thanks for the clarifications.



Hello! Thank you for your questions

Probably, I've described my case not so precisely.

Our managers sometimes send emails from Creatio. In this case everything works fine - they see these emails in both places - in Creatio and Gmail (as sent items)

But sometimes they send emails to Customer directly from their Gmail (not from Creatio). So, our task is to get these emails as Outgoing to Creatio as well.  

We have configured as standard Gmail mailbox.

We synchornize the whole email box. Also tested to work with specific folder - have the same result.

This is in both - Creatio cloud and On-premise.


I am afraid, this is standard functionality, so I am looking for option to improve it.


Thank you!

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Hi team,


Do you have any idea why mailbox synchronization from my customer is not working well? They told us that they always have the problem that mails from this folder are not synchronized. When they synchronized it manually it works. 

One example: On April 26, the synchronization worked. Not again on April 27, and a day later on April 28 all emails from April 27 appeared in the CRM.

I checked the system settings regarding mailbox synchronization interval and all looks good: 

Can you please help me out with this issue? What do you think it could be a problem?


Thanks in advance!


Kind regards,


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Hello Marijana,


This seems like an issue that Creatio support can help you with.

Please contact us with this issue by sending us an email at support@creatio.com.


Thank you,


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