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You have to be aware that since the 8.0.9, Sections Configuration Items, Problems, changes, releases are not anymore available for new clients after the 8.0.9.


Product documentation and the website of Creatio are still referencing the features...


This is a major change and it hasn't been published in the releases announcement. I can understand this is not concerning the major number of Creatio Service clients. But for companies using Creatio for supporting ITSM and the ITIL processes it is a draw back and this is making Creatio less competitive than other tools on the market.


Yes we can redevelop all those features and sell them on the marketplace but it will drastically increase the price of the licences for the end users and other tools will be more adequate for doing so. I contacted the support and they said they will address the point to R&D department. (let see in 2 years) ...


Looking for your support for Creatio to keep those features in the service bundle maybe as optional components.






We would like to share the latest information regarding the sections (Configuration Items, Problems, Changes, and Releases) in Freedom UI. We have decided to keep them in the classic user interface, excluding them from the Service product. This strategic decision is based on the fact that the specific ITIL-related features have not gained widespread use among our customers.

For those still in need of utilizing these sections, we have developed a dedicated application available on the Marketplace at https://marketplace.creatio.com/app/itsm-tools. With this application, you can activate the necessary sections in the classic user interface, providing convenience in your workflow.

We also value your input and are exploring additional options for future improvements. Your suggestions and feedback play a crucial role in the product's development, and we carefully consider each one.

Thank you for your contribution to enhancing our product.

Together, we make it better!

Thank you for the detailed explanation Orkhan, an official communication of the changes for old to new service would have been welcomed though, it feels like we're getting the information after the facts...

Thank you Orkhan, I hope Creatio would emphase the Freedom UI for all components for insuring the future of the platform. This is already an acceptable step. The platform is in transformation and as partner we are facing the evolution without information. The forecast release is not anymore available. A roadmap is needed.

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Can anyone assist with this installation failure for the ITSM for Service Creatio marketplace add in?


Our version is 7.18.3 but that was not in the list below.

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We reviewed this add-on and fixed the problem.

You can install the latest version with fix on this page:



Hi, I installed and didn't get some features mentioned in the manual, for example the "Dependence of case priority on urgency and impact level" lookup isn' installed, and also cannot add it, so this object isn't in the package, so when add urgency and case impact Priority didn't change as docummented


Have some package update?



Hi Julio,

We have reviewed this solution. It is deprecated, not supported, and does not meet the current Marketplace requirements. We have removed this app from the Marketplace and do not recommend using it.

That you for bringing this to our attention.


We are going to publish a new Banza ITMS box for Creatio solution in the near future. I believe that solution will cover your needs. You can learn more about it in the Coming soon section.

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