Hi Creatio Community,

We want to customize/extend functioanilty of the Account Form page found in Customer360 app.

Which is the right way to do it ?


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Hi Community,

Any update regarding the topic?



Firstly, please make sure that you are working in Freedom UI before applying any changes. You may apply the changes directly through UI or via customizing the package contents.

You may do so by following this Academy article:


Second, you need to apply a few, certain changes to the app through the configuration. You may find more information on this subject here:




If you would like to export your packages for further customization on other applications, you can find more information on this subject using this guide:


In regards to renaming packages.

Unfortunately, you can't rename the package once it is already exported, renaming the archive wouldn't change the package name itself. You can try to rename the package when it is still in the dev environment in the SQL console changing the name of the corresponding record in the SysPackage table. We don't recommend to do this, however, if it is really needed you can backup the database, change the name, generate the source code for all and compile all. After that, if while testing the functionality no errors would occur you can export the package and transfer it. 


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