Clio release version allows you to save package states from your Creatio environment to the manifest file. You can use the following command to save settings to a file. 

clio save-manifest "C:\GitOps\production-manifest.yaml" -e production


Clio stores packages' Names and hash, which are based on ModifiedOn, Checksum, and Names of relative Schemas. For example

Also in the manifest file, Clio store feature states and addresses 

And web services addresses

If the manifest file does not exist, this command will create it. if the file already exists, Clio rewrites it. This behavior was created to organize the flow to store and monitor changes using Git.



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Clio version allows managing system settings on the Creatio instances via a manifest file. Text, Boolean, Integer, Date Time, and Lookup value (by Guid or Display value) are supported

Add section setting to the manifest file.

  url: ************************
  authappurl: *****************
  - code: "SETTINGS CODE 1"
    value: false
  - code: "SETTINGS CODE 2"
    value: 10
  - code: "SETTINGS CODE 2"
    value: "My_Text"
 # list of installed apps
  # list of installed apps
 # connected app hubs
To apply manifest to your environment, use the following command.
clio apply-manifest C:\my-configuration.yam -l user-p pwd

Clio explorer version 2.0.61 provides two experimental features for discovering and comparing feature states between two environments.


P.S. Managing  WebServiveUrls via manifest and Comparing two configurations that are coming soon. Clio command set-settings also was improved, and  you can avoid setup Type of sys-settings in an update scenario and set the Lookup value via display value 


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Hi Team


Value of a lookup is not accessible to a portal user but accessible to a normal user.


I have updated operation permission 

I have updated object permission

The Section object (Request) is available in lookup 'List of objects available for portal users' 



But same is not available in lookup 'List of schema fields for portal access'


I am unable to add value to List of schema fields for portal access lookup as fields are locked but as per academy we can add new value to this lookup.



Do let me know any work around to solve this issue.


Thank You in Advance


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Please contact our Support Team at providing all the details, so that we can take a closer look and try to fix it for you.


Best regards,

Yuliya Gritsenko

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