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I'm getting the error wrongCaptionLength when adding a title to a field. What is the limit to the title length, and is there any way to increase that limit?


Thank you!

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Please describe step by step what actions and where you are doing that you are getting this error.


  1. Go to an existing object
  2. Add a new column, unlimited length text type
  3. Type in title field: In what area would you like to learn more about our platform?

I get the wrongCaptionLength error right beneath the title field when I input the text above in #3.

Esther M,

We are unable to reproduce your issue in our test environment, so please provide information for further investigation:
The version of the application,
A screenshot of the error and the field itself when you fill it in, 
Where exactly, in which section you are trying to do it,
What element are you using 
Which version of UI Classic or Freedom are you using

Antonii Viazovskyi,



I am using Classic UI version 8.1.2. I don't think it matters which section it is in. I get this error any time that I create a new column in an object with a title that is more than 50 characters. See screenshot below.

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