Why do the emails are not loaded after adding the mailbox account through docker?

Hi Team,

I have completed the Exchange listener synchronization following the academy article


Note: I have deployed the Exchange Listener synchronization service in Docker

But, the mails are not loaded and when new mails received also not reflected in Creatio CRM (I tried manual email synchronization also),

1.Mail account added

P.S. I tried "Synchroniztion email" also and there is no much mails in my email id too.


2.Run Diagnostics is Successful


3. when I tried to make sure the ExchangeListenerService anonymous service is available at [ Creatioapplication address ]/0/ServiceModel/ExchangeListenerService.svc --> I had provided my creatio hosted site instead of [creatioapplicationaddress]. I get the below screen,


Clarification: If we continue to do this setup in On-Premise, we have to perform the same docker setup and installing the Redis & ExchnageLister into a docker container in Application server if I'm right.

Kindly let me know what else has to be done in the setup to recieve the mails to Creatio CRM


Bhoobalan P.

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Hello Bhoobalan,


Please send the email with the same description and subject to our support mailbox (support@creatio.com), so we will be able to check this request with more details.


Additionally please attach the logs for the day when the issue appeared (here is the example of the path where the log can be found: C:\Windows\Temp\Creatio\your_site) and screenshots from the web browser developer console and network tab for the moment when you try to run the "Synchronize email" operation. Also please add the screenshots of the mailbox configurations (for bhoobalan@live.com and bhoobalan007@gmail.com mailboxes).


Thank you in advance.


Best regards,


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