Where, in wich lookup/system setting are stored the AutoNumber values for each entity wich is configured in Creatio 8.1?

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Somebody know where can I change or restart autonumbering, i need to define a process to eache year restart the numbers


I'm asking regarding the new Creatio feature to AutoNumber any entity (8.1)


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Hello, somebody can help me with this question please?



Currently, no interface allows users to configure this manually, so the following steps need to be taken:

Identify the UId of the auto-numbered column.

For the identified column, use the script below to set a new starting number. In the examples provided, '4a40180c-61bf-de86-2f08-b05852a5ea6d' represents the UId of the auto-numbered column, and '1' is the next value from which the auto-numbering will proceed.

Script for MSSQL:


ALTER SEQUENCE [4a40180c-61bf-de86-2f08-b05852a5ea6d]

Script for PostgreSQL:

SELECT setval('4a40180c-61bf-de86-2f08-b05852a5ea6d', 1, false);

If you need further information or assistance, please reply to this message and we will be happy to help you.


Thanks, I need to reset them yearly in a process, how can automatically fit it?

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