Webhooks question

Im trying to send webhooks from Creatio to my custom Rest Api, for example when an opportunity was edited send it, It this possible ? Because I can see in the documentation that it is different.... 

In other hand I'm also using the cookie auth and I'll be able to create webhooks using rest and batch. 

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The webhooks documentation is for *receiving* webhooks. For sending a Webhook you'd need to add a web service and then you can just execute that from a process.

See this to set up the web service to execute your webhook:


and this to execute it from a process: 



Is it something that can also be used in marketing automation campaigns ?

NB: it's a good use case that definitely should be added to the official documentation ;)

Ryan Farley,

Thanks that makes sense, when you mentioned web services you mean my local rest api right? 


No there is a web services area in Creatio where you can define the web service. You'll provide the URL, any parameters to include, whether it is GET or POST etc. See that info here 



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