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I have made a custom action in a custom section which opens the Employee section as pop-up and the selected Employee will be having an activity assigned to him(through business process whose Code is put in the action's On click attribute).

This is done for assignment of Field Sales agent a bulk of addresses for visit.

But I want only activities assigned to a particular Employee visible to him, other Employee's activities should not be visible to him. Only administrator should be able to see all the activities.

I have also used Access Rights element in process but not working as expected.

I have attached screenshots for more understanding.


Custom Action:


Open Employee section pop-up:


Created Activity Records:


Access rights element in process:

In this, the signal is set to when an activity record is added.

The access rights element removes permission from all Employees and then grants permissions to that assigned Employee.

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Hi Malay,

So what seems to be the issue? The process doesn't remove the rights from activity or doesn't assign them to the required employee?




dean parrett,


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, It is not working as it should. Right now, all employees can see and edit the records assigned to other employees.





Hi Malay,


I suggest you to approach the support team. It is necessary to look through the all rights settings as well as the process. You will get the solution faster in this case.




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