Using "VwSysSchemaInfo" as a lookup in table

I am trying to used lookup for “VwSysSchemaInfo” which lists the Object’s Name(For example : in LandingType table, column name schemaUid for object lists). But am getting foreign key error like

“SqlException. Foreign key 'FKYLKAi7ejsTUaCmQl1hwk3jQcw' references object 'dbo.VwSysSchemaInfo' which is not a user table. Could not create constraint or index. See previous errors.”

Please help.

I need to have this lookup. Why am I not able to use this. Since its already by implemented in one of the table (LandingType), why is this not possible for custom objects.

Also please help me to use this as a lookup column.

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Hello Sriraksha,

The cause of this message is in fact that there is no possibility to bind lookup to a view table via section wizard - it will result in this error message, but it will work (you can bind lookup to a view table) via configurations and object directly. Please go to configurations, find needed object and column in it, add necessary binding, save and publish the object and you will be able to bind a lookup field to a view table.

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