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I need get in a bussines process a collection parameter and then use that in a script task into a foreach. Any example about that?




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Dear Federico,

Please check the instructions on how to work with collections within [Read data element]. This will help you to implement your own process.

Algorithm of the work with a collection from Read data:

1.Disable the formula validator in business process designer. You can open the console and execute the following script for that:
var featureCode = "UseProcessFormulaServerValidation";
require(["FeatureServiceRequest"], function() {
                var featureRequest = Ext.create("Terrasoft.FeatureServiceRequest", {code: featureCode});
                               forAllUsers: true,
                               state: Terrasoft.FeatureState.DISABLED // ENABLED
                }, ()=>console.log("Done"));
2. In [Read data] element go to extended options and tick:
Read first = true
Number of records to read = 100 //Number of records available in a collection.

3. Create a process parameter with EntityCollection type and map it to the resulting collection of [Read data]. This parameter does not exist out of the box, but you can create it manually. 
[#MyRead.Resulting collection#]
*  MyRead – [Read data] element header.
* Resulting Collection - added manually
4. Assign a process parameter to a new variable in ScriptTask. Here is the example how to process the collection:
EntityCollection entities = Get("MyEntity");
var result = new Collection();
foreach(Entity entity in entities) {
                var cityName = entity.GetTypedColumnValue("Id");
                string temp = cityName.ToString();
string displayValue = result.ConcatIfNotEmpty(",");
Set("MyResult", displayValue);
return true;
MyRead – reading datat in any element.
MyEntity process parameter with EntityCollection type. Parameter value= [#MyRead.Resulting collection#]
MyResult - string parameter. You can store record IDs from the collection. Then this parameter is shown on the auto generated page for the testing purposes.  

Best regards,


Lily Johnson,


I tried the above script task as below:

EntityCollection entities = Get("MyEntity");
var result = new Collection();
foreach(Entity entity in entities) {
                var productName = entity.GetTypedColumnValue("Name");
                string temp = productName.ToString();
string displayValue = result.ConcatIfNotEmpty(",");
Set("UsrLatestOrderProduct", displayValue);
return true;


But, here I'm getting below errors:


Lily Johnson,



Can you elaborate on how Auto-Generated Page works upon this case? 


Many Thanks

Riddhi Jadeja,

As we can see from the screenshots you have provided - GetTypedColumnValue is used incorrectly. 
GetTypedColumnValue("Name") is used without specified type of this field. 
It should be GetTypedColumnValue<string>("Name")

Kind regards,

Sarthak Jain,

Can you please specify your question with more details? 
How exactly Auto-Generated Page will be related to the discussed case? 

Thank you in advance,

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