Unable to Upload Templates in Excel Report Builder

Is this a known issue? When any of our users try to upload a template to an excel report, it fails without an error message. The "template uploaded" box does not get checked. Any other users experiencing this or have troubleshooting suggestions?

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Hi Mitch,


Yes, this issue was reported, however we were unable to reproduce it. Please specify the following to help us reproduce the issue:

your Creatio product and version

add-on installation date

send us a template file without confidential data in a private message


Kind regards,


We are using Creatio Service, Sales, and Marketing v7.18.3 install date 11/1/2017

Mitch Kaschub,

Hi Mitch!

I recommend updating your add-on to the latest version as this issue was fixed in it.

You can find the latest version on this page:


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