Two different users can edit a record at the same time

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Two different users can edit a record at a same time in Creatio, how to prevent it?

Example :- User ABC and User XYZ can edit contact 123 at the same time. 



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Please note that unfortunately in such system with joined access there is no way to implement this logic. If a record is available to more than 1 user, they will all be able to access it at the same time and make changes to it at the same time. They can save the record one by one, all the changes will be applied, but the changes made by the last user to save the record will stay.

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If  user1 is editing a record, and user2 should not be able to edit the same record, and system should show error message saying "user1 is editing this record" and prevent user2 from editing the record. How to implement this functionality? 

Nishit Singla,


As ws mentioned above, this kind of logic cannot be implemented even through means of development due to specifics of the system. While a user is making changes to the fields, before this user saves the record, no actual changes are being made. All the changes are only displayed on their side of UI, but before the actual "Save" these changes aren't "registered" in the system in any way, they don;t actually takeplace, therefore this logic cannot be implemented.

If there's any chance for this to be implemented in the future, it would be most welcome :)

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