Triggering a business process after successful login

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Have you tried triggering a business process after successful login? Any idea please?

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Hello Fulgen,


Could you please elaborate a bit on your business task? Would you like to start execution of the business process based on the active user session in a system?


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Hi Fulgen,

Maybe our way allows you to solve your task:
We make scheduled process (every minute) and check if there are unprocessed records in 'Audit log' with Type = 'User authorization' and Result = 'Authorization'

Before you need to add new field 'Processed' to 'Audit log' object in order to set it to True when record is processed



Thank you for all your reply, I need to start the event after successful login. I believe crm is saving session record somewhere else. Can I use this object to trigger the event? What is this object and the field name I want to start a signal using this.

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