Translation Actualization just keeps on loading

Hi Community,


When I went to translation section, its been more than 1 hour already but still it is loading. Any problem with this?


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Dear Fulgen,

Translation actualization indeed can take much time since the system actualizes all translations even if no modifications were made and especially if you have a multilingual application. However, if the process takes more than 3 hours without ending, most likely there is some issue in your application. To understand the reason for it, please try to wait till the process is finished, even if it takes more time. We need to know that the process can be either finished within some time or it cannot be finished at all. With the results, I'd like to ask you to contact our support team for a deeper investigation of the problem. Could you please email our support team at and also provide the screenshot of the loading page with opened browser console? Thank you beforehand.

Best Regards,


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