Telephony Integration via SIP or Browser links


I would like to use telephone shortcuts within BPM to either integrate to our SIP based PBX or to allow the telephone text to use browser link method to integrate to the PC SIP client application.

Is it possible to just integrate BPM to a SIP based PBX, which for us, is the common 3CX platform?

In the user profile, I see configuration fields for SIP, but my testing has so far not been successful.

I am aware of the Webitel extension, but this does not work for us, as when a user is not logged in to BPM all calls to the user telephone extension get automatically routed to voicemail, which is not desired behaviour.

If this is not possible, can BPM be configured to not link to the internal telephony, but instead allow the telephone number fields to hotlink as a protocol shortcut link i.e. tel://0123445678? This therefore would allow me to configure the users browser to open the 3CX PC client application from the tel:// prefix protocol.

I am really desperate to get this working, so any help would be very much appreciated.


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I have successfully installed the Chrome Extension Click to Call by Thirdlane, which allows all telephone number links to populate the number in my 3CX PC client application.

You can create the functionality only by JS code. In order to do that you need to replace the "CtiPanelCTIBase" module (replacing client module) and override the method "onCallCustomer" in the subscription 

this.sandbox.subscribe("CallCustomer", this.onCallCustomer.bind(this));

Please feel free to put a break point in the "onCallCustomer" method (chrome dev console), click on any "phone" button in the system and debug the functionality. 


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