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In creatio, when mailbox synchronization is enabled, every email received that is linked to a contact is automatically linked to that contact.

Is it possible to disable this mechanism?

There are many emails in a user's inbox that are not useful to be tracked in creatio and that the client would not want to track.

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Dear Stefano,


Due to the basic logic, the last added email to the system is displayed on the "island"  on the left side.

This email, web, and phone are indicated in the contacts table in the email,  web, and phone fields.

There are two different tables  in the system with the following information:

1. For the contact: Communication option (ContactCommunication) and contact (Contact)

2. For the account: Communication option (AccountCommunication) and account (Account)

Let me explain to you the basic logic:

When you added the communication option for contact or account, it will be automatically transferred to the communication option detail.


The [IsCreatedBySynchronization] column is responsible for this process in the contact - a sign of synchronization for the "Means of communication" detail with the associated contact object, in a separate ContactCommunication table. If the value True is specified for the entries in this column, the mechanism works correctly.


Unfortunately, is not possible to disable the logic of automated email address updating when binding an email to the contact.


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