Start a campaign from a process

Dear colleagues,


Somebody know how can I start a campaign from a process?


Or execute the code behind the "START CAMPAIGN" button on campaigns, when campaign is on manual start mode or the SCHEDULE CAMPAIGN if the campaign start mode is "at the specified time"


Thanks in advance

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You can find all the campaign options here:…


Could you explain your business goal in more detail?

Kalymbet Anastasia,

Hi, sure I have a campaign we need start and stop due some conditions, so I can change from a Process some campaigns values, but cannot Start it from the process (or I don't know how to do it).


If I have a manual start campaign, it has a button to start it, and if it has a start date defines we have the Schedule campaign button, so in both cases the campaign need a manual action to start immediately or to schedule to start in the specified date.


My question is, can I from a process trigger the actions behind the buttons, or start it when manual or schedule when has a start defined date?


Thanks for your help and support



Julio Falcón

Kalymbet Anastasia,

Hello, have you some idea how to solve what I exposed?

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