Solution approach To replicate a package and install on same instance and use it as different database

Hi Team


I have a Requirement from client where Client want to Replicate existing base functionality for Different cases such that each case will have some changes to base but these changes should not make affect on either cases

and in case if they want to close any case in future they should be avail to do it easily without any impact on other


Its like we have a master package A then B,C,D

where B,C,D are depedent on A like a parent child but bot dependent on Each Other


And any changes made in B,C,D should not be reflected in other they all should remain same as A if no changes are made

And in near future they delete B this should not affect other and system should run smoothly 

Neither A should get any changes and anything in a should be working as they they are in A


Have a Brief in image please look at it.


Please suggest a solution if possible 

As we tried 3-4 approach but failed


Thank You




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If I understood your request correctly, in this case you just can deploy separate applications on the different servers as a copy of the instance of server A without setting the replication up. With such a configuration, you will be able to remove servers without additional actions.


Before the deployment you also can check the software and hardware requirements based on your product and functionality needs by using the "Requirements calculator":


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Roman Rak,

Yes you are correct in this scenario 


But this is our last hope if we didn't get any solution


But i want same thing to happen on same instance where i can have B,C,D configuration which have basics of A but on changing/modifying  any of these it will not impact other and can be easily shutdown in case of no use


as similar people will be working on them but with little change on each of them so if i switch to other server then it will be costly as each server will cost for licenses


If there is some solution to this please let me know


Thank you

Braj Raj singh Kushwaha,

There's no need to use dedicated server for each application. 

You can run multiple applications on the same server, however you'll need to set up the apps to different ports (example A : host:80 , B: host:81, C: Host:82, etc. ) You'll also need to deploy separate database for each application. 

Please keep in mind that in this case the requirements of the server will be higher. 

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Yurii Sokil,


Thank You So much For this Info


1. Currently we are using cloud server can creatio help us to install multiple application on that server

2. Can same user switch between those application using same credentials and license(as mutiple application will be assigned to same user)



Thank You


Braj Raj singh Kushwaha,

The installation of multiple applications on the same server goes the same route as simple On-site deployment. 

You need to deploy a database, set up connection strings and run the application is IIS( for .Net Framework) or Terrasoft.WebHost.dll (for  .Net Core) 

The only difference is that when you're configuring bindings for the site you need to choose dedicated port for each application( for example, there can not be two applications with address  host:80). 

For .Net Core app bindings are configured in applicationsettings.json  file which is located in root folder of the application. 

As for the same credentials - it is indeed possible to have same credentials for different environments, however it's not recommended approach from data security point of view. 

As for the licenses - it's better to ask your responsible manager about that. 

Best regards,


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