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Dear community, 

We are trying to send an email to get feedback and customer satisfaction rating. However, the satisfaction scale does not translate to images and instead gets sent as follows :


Could you please help here? We have used OOTB Email template "Case feedback request notification" 



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Hello Shivani,


Hope you're doing well.


The possible reason of such behavior can be the empty "Website URL" system parameter. To fix it, please go to the System Designer area, open the System Settings section, and find "Website URL" configuration:

Open it and populate the "Default value" field with your full site web address and click Save button for applying the changes:


Best wishes for a pleasant and successful New Year!


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Roman Rak,

Thanks much Roman. This works well :)

Hi Roman,

A follow up question : The OOTB business process redirects the user to a link: http://localhost:99/0/Nui/Feedback.aspx?vm=FeedbackModule&token=0ed18c9….


In the our business process, it however redirects to link : http://localhost:99/ServiceModel/CaseRatingManagementService.svc/Secure…[?CaseId=beb485e3-8ef7-4076-ba3f-285d16daddce?]/5


As a result, we get an error page. A help here would be much appreciated!



Shivani Lakshman,

What kind of error page you are getting? try distributing a portal license to 

SysPortalConnection user

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