Script task to search the db for a specific record, if existing and updating it

Hi everyone,

I have created a script task to create new records from a csv.

I am trying to implement a method to search the db for a matching record and then update it (in case it exists).

The second part (the 'else' part, it's working fine) 

Does anybody know how to filter and search a DB table? What am I getting wrong?



void saveLine(string line, int rowNumber){



        string lineFormatted = line.Replace("\"", "");

        string[] lineSplitted = lineFormatted.Split(',');

        var LRNMBL = lineSplitted[0];

        var LRRIGA = lineSplitted[1];

        var LRDTBL = lineSplitted[3];

        var LRCANA = lineSplitted[6];

        // Creation of query instance with "Contact" root schema. 


        // An EntitySchemaQuery instance that accesses the UsrTestFTPCall table of the database.

        var esq = new EntitySchemaQuery(UserConnection.EntitySchemaManager, "UsrVedniteTestate");



        // Adding columns to the query.





        // Filter the query data. according to LRNMBL and 

        var esqFirstFilter = esq.createColumnFilterWithParameters(Terrasoft.ComparisonType.EQUAL,"UsrLRNMBL", LRNMBL);

        var esqSecondFilter = esq.createColumnFilterWithParameters(Terrasoft.ComparisonType.EQUAL,"UsrLRRIGA", LRRIGA);


        esq.filters.logicalOperation = Terrasoft.LogicalOperatorType.AND;


        esq.filters.add("esqFirstFilter", esqFirstFilter);




        // Get the result of the query.

        var entities = esq.GetEntityCollection(UserConnection);

        // If the data is received.

        if (entities.Count > 0)//Record exists in the db --> update


           var recordToUpd = entities[0];

           recordToUpd.SetColumnValue("UsrLRNMBL", LRNMBL);

           recordToUpd.SetColumnValue("UsrLRRIGA", LRRIGA);

           recordToUpd.SetColumnValue("UsrLRDTBL", LRDTBL);

           recordToUpd.SetColumnValue("UsrLRCANA", LRCANA);




            //the record doesn't exist --> Create one

               var TestObj = UserConnection.EntitySchemaManager.GetInstanceByName("UsrTestFTPCall").CreateEntity(UserConnection);

            //access the data position and assign it to its column


            //Associate new column values to old Col values

            TestObj.SetColumnValue("UsrName", rowNumber.ToString());

            TestObj.SetColumnValue("UsrLRNMBL", LRNMBL);//riferimento testata di vendita

            TestObj.SetColumnValue("UsrLRRIGA", LRRIGA);//riferimento riga all'interno della stessa vendita

            TestObj.SetColumnValue("UsrLRDTBL", LRDTBL);

            TestObj.SetColumnValue("UsrLRCANA", LRCANA);






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I don't see anywhere in the code where you're saving the updates made to the entity in recordToUpd. Try adding the following to have it save the values in the database:



Hello Federica,

Yes, try to add the method that Ryan recommended you. It will help to resolve the issue.

Best Regards,


Hi Ryan,


The problem is to access and filter records in the db.

That part of the script ain't working.

Hi Tetiana Bakai,

The main issue atm lays in the filtering and db-access part.

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