Run business process in background

Hi all,

       How can I set a business process will run background when triggered?


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Dear Toan, 


You can set this up in the start signal (all timer processes start in the background):

Dennis Hudson,

Hi Dennis,

      It is checked as default when I add a new start signal into process. So, that process will run in background when it is checked, isn't it?

      But when I run that process by clicking button "Run Process" of a selected row, the UI will be locked by loading, and I can't access another section. I want that process will run without locking UI, how can I config?


Toan Mai,

A simple signal has this checkbox checked off by default so please double-check that the checkbox is checked. However, if it is checked and the screen freezes when the process runs please contact submit a case to as the issue should be investigated on your site. 

Dennis Hudson,

It works well, thank you Dennis

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