RequiredColumnsEmptyValuesException when updating AccountAddress records.

Hi Community,

I have this situation where I need to update all the AccountAddress records that belong to my Account and have ImdNumerador "0". In order to do that I added the following query:

var updateQuery = Ext.create("Terrasoft.UpdateQuery", {
	rootSchemaName: "AccountAddress"
var firstFilter = updateQuery.createColumnFilterWithParameter(this.Terrasoft.ComparisonType.EQUAL, "Account", this.get("Id")); 
var secondFilter = updateQuery.createColumnFilterWithParameter(this.Terrasoft.ComparisonType.EQUAL, "ImdNumerador", 0); 
// Filters will be updated by AND logical operator in query filters collection. 
updateQuery.filters.logicalOperation = Terrasoft.LogicalOperatorType.AND;
// Adding created filters to collection. 
updateQuery.filters.add("firstFilter", firstFilter);
updateQuery.filters.add("secondFilter", secondFilter);
updateQuery.setParameterValue("Primary", false, this.Terrasoft.DataValueType.BOOLEAN); 
updateQuery.setParameterValue("IsInactive", true, this.Terrasoft.DataValueType.BOOLEAN); 
		window.console.log("Update Successfull");

This query is executed everytime I press a button that I've created in AccountPageV2.js.

When I execute this query I get the error bellow:

I'm not understanding this error because:

  • I don't have any validation or rule for my Country field, so this must be a rule that comes with the default Creatio applications.
  • All the records that I'm trying to update have the country field filled in, so I don't know why I'm getting this.

I would like to know why this is happening and how can I fix it.

Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,

Pedro Pinheiro


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Hi Pedro,


The same code connected to the button on our side worked perfectly:

Try opening all the account addresses records for the account where the update error message is returned, try applying any change to each of those addresses records and check if any of them returns an error (one of them or several records should return an error). Once the error is received you can send a screenshot of such an address record and we can check why the error is received together.


Best regards,


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