Removing System Designer Button


How can I remove the system designer button so that not any one could access it? I want only some specific users who can do so.

It would be great if someone could share both methods (Code and Configurations) if they exist



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Unfortunately, there is no "configuration method" to do this, only with code. 
The best way to do this would be to create your own operation permission for users who can see the button.
To do this:
1) Create operation permission
2) Create a replacing schema with parent schema 
3) Add the logic to bind the visibility of the button to the method that checks if the user is in the operation: 
define("MainHeaderSchema", ["RightUtilities"], function(rightUtilities) {
    return {
            "DesignerButtonVisible": {
                dataValueType: this.Terrasoft.DataValueType.BOOLEAN,
                value: true
             init: function() {
            CheckCanSeeSysDesignerButton: function(callback, scope) {
                    operation: "CanSeeSysDesigner"
                }, function(result) {
                    this.set("DesignerButtonVisible", result);
                    Ext.callback(callback, scope, [result]);
                }, this);
                    "operation": "merge",
                    "name": "SystemDesignerButton",
                    "parentName": "SystemDesignerContainer",
                    "propertyName": "items",
                    "values": {
                        "visible": {"bindTo": "DesignerButtonVisible"}

cant believe cant be just hidden for regular users...

Dear Adriana, 

Unfortunately, the only possible way to hide the button is the one which was proposed by Dennis above. 
We have added your request to the problem registered for the responsible R&D team to add this functionality into configuration in future releases so to increase the problem's priority. 

Kind regards,

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