Process log handling for process running every minute

Assuming that we have a process that run every minute to check status from external system, what is the best way to handle process log?

As far as concern in this question:, we see that deleting the process log records within a process (via delete "Process log (actual)") is not the good way. I'd like to know if there is someway else to handle this?

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You can just disable logging for the process ( However, such process itself may cause performance issues on the site. Maybe it is possible to rework the logic itself in order not to trigger process every minutes (for example to track the status change on the external system itself and trigger process using integration in case it is changed). 

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bpmonline doesn't have webhook concept or API key. I don't want to spread out Supervisor password to so many integration points, that makes changing Supervisor password more painful, and also makes it not secured. Adding anonymous webservice requires manual changes to web.config and physical file that make your upgrade process harder, and there were some tickets around the issue that support team didn't migrate well the configs when doing upgrading.

Additionally, the process is based on some condition else (there is at least some records with specific status), then call the other API in batch. Therefore it shouldn't be so intensive.

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In this case you can just disable logging for the process ( It will not be displayed in process log in this case. 

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