PROBLEM: WordPress PlugIn Connection

We are having an issue with the BPMonline WordPress plugin not pulling information from our forms - instead sending them to an error page. We have isolated that the plugin is the issue as the forms work okay when the plugin is removed. 


Have upgrades been made to the plugin's compatibility with the Php 8.0 and/or WordPress Platform 5.9?


Please advise.

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Hello Jess,


Could you please tell us with what versions of PHP and WordPress the plugin did work?


Thank you,


PHP: 7.4
Wordpress: 5.9.1

We are currently on:
PHP: 8.0
Wordpress: 5.9.2

We started having this issue on 3/9. We updated the platforms on 3/23. We have just gone in and tested - by turning the BPMonline plugin back on and we are still receiving a Wordpress "critical error" notice.


Thank you,


Hi Artem, Making sure you saw my above response.




Will you be able to assist here?


I just messaged you directly regarding the above.  Hoping you can help or point me in the direction of someone who can.



Do you know what the error is? If it is something like this:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Undefined constant "bpmRef"

Then it is because of how newer php versions treats constant string values. If you feel adventurous enough to edit the plugin (and if that is the error you're getting), you can fix it by doing the following (there are 3 lines to change, basically just enclosing some values in quotes). NOTE: only do this if you're comfortable editing the PHP code, doing something wrong can break your whole website. So proceed at your own risk. If this isn't something you're comfortable with, contact a PHP developer for help.

  1. In Wordpress to go Plugins -> Plugin Editor.
  2. Select "Forms-3rd-Party-Integration-Bpmonline-1.0.6" and make sure you have the "forms-3rdparty-integration.php" file selected.
  3. Go to line 611 and change this: 
    if(isset($_COOKIE[bpmRef])) {
  4. to this (notice quotes around bpmRef): 
    if(isset($_COOKIE["bpmRef"])) {
  5. Go to line 617 and change this:
    if(isset($_COOKIE[bpmHref])) {
  6. To this (notice quotes around bpmHref):
    if(isset($_COOKIE["bpmHref"])) {
  7. Go to line 623 and change this:
    if(isset($_COOKIE[bpmTrackingId])) {
  8. To this (notice quotes around bpmTrackingId):
    if(isset($_COOKIE["bpmTrackingId"])) {
  9. Save the file by clicking "Update file"

I don't know if you'll encounter other errors with the plugin code, but that will fix the error I mentioned above.


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