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The report is generated in Word format.

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In one of our tables, we have several products linked to a specific Id. Each product is associated with its unique point of inclusion address. The product names are successfully pulled and correctly displayed in the report table - each name in a separate line, which fully meets our requirements. We set this up through the table part report settings.


The problem arises with the addresses of the points of inclusion, the values for which we obtain using a macro. In the current configuration, all addresses for the three products are collected and displayed in one line of the table, instead of being located in the corresponding lines opposite each product.



Could you advise on how we might modify the macro or the process of its operation so that the addresses of the points of inclusion are placed in separate cells of the table in accordance with each product?

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Could you please provide us with an example of the macro you are using?

Please provide the table settings, and also take a screenshot of how this table looks specifically in the printable template in word plugin.

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