On Premise Setup of Machine Learning Services on Creatio

I am trying to set up the machine learning services for an on-premise instance of Creatio, I followed the steps listed here


Even though the container and the instance are on the physical machine hosted locally, Creatio is asking for CloudServiceApiKey. Is there a dependence on Creatio cloud even for an on-premise installation of the ML service? Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance...

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The on-premise application requires an API key as well since it is used by the service itself. It should be requested separately for each instance. 

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Angela Reyes,

Thanks for the reply! We were also trying to setup the ML service on-premise following the documentation. Is there still need for a cloud service API?




Yes, it is required for on-premise applications. You can contact Creatio support to order the key. 


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