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I have a client who frequently uses the email template designer and we have a situation where between two templates the cog-icon in upper right corner of the block acts differently and I dont know why.


In one template the cog, once pressed, opens up the following menu allowing to align the block across the designer to left, center or right:

In another template where I push the same cog-icon I cannot get any menu to show up and I find no other way to align the main block either. All new templates I create also have the same problem of not seeing any menu pop up when pressing the cog-icon.


Do you know what could be the cause of this difference?


All the best,

Per Näsström, Chessit

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Hello Per,

I consulted with our R&D team and this is not a mistake, but expected behavior.
It's just that we have two versions of templates in the system (GRID - the old content designer with a drop-down menu on clicking on the button from the case; and MJML - the new content designer on mjml, where clicking on the button activates the panel on the right of the template settings).
From now on - all new templates are opened in the new designer and the template settings panel is opened right away by default, that is why it feels like the button is not working.

Also, please note that template alignment functionality is not available in the new content designer, that's why this menu is missing.

I hope my explanations were useful to you.

Best Regards,

Hello Dennis, sorry for the very late response. I have conveyed this to the customer and they now understand that all text will be centered in the future due to this new designer. 


Thank you for investigating this.


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