Portal. How to add linked columns to details?


We have Product field in 'Product in order' detail and we can add Product.Type, Product.Category and other columns in the detail for employee users.

But is no option to add them in the detail for Portal users. It is incorrect way to add such fields and synchronise them (cause there can be a lot of them) to the detail.

How can we display such linked fields in details for Portal users?
Thank you!

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Hello Vladimir,


Thank you for your question. There is an intentional limitation for portal users not to be able to display linked objects. That is one of the core differences between the system and portal user.


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So, all characteristics of object (e.g. Product type, Product category, Product code, Product link and so on) should be added additionaly as physical fields to all objects like Product in Order, Product in Invoice, Opportunity product, Product in Contract and so on?

I believe that might be one of the ways to display the needed value. You just need to avoid using linked objects for the portal. 

Can anyone suggest other ways as well to choose the best one?

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