Popup Not Working

I have the popup add-on installed from marketplace. I've used it in the past often, but it stopped working in our current instance about a week ago. I don't have popup blocker on the browser.


I had tried uninstalling and reinstalling previously but this wiped all the business processes that had it in place. I cannot rebuild it all again- is there any way to troubleshoot this?



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Hi, Susan,

I have the same issue. Did your troubleshooting successful?

Hi to all,


You should identify the cause of the issue first and foremost.

Check the process log and make sure the process was launched and “To whom should the window be shown” field was filled out correctly.

If everything is correct, troubleshoot the issue in the incognito mode.


If you cannot reproduce the issue in the incognito mode, check your browser extensions. Some of them, ad blockers in particular, could block pop-up windows in Creatio.

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