Performance Or Load Testing of Change log Plugin

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Is there any performance metrics tool available to perform the load test on plugin available in Marketplace? We are looking to analyze the site performance when Change log plugin is installed and enabled. 

Change log for Creatio | Creatio Marketplace


I have read thru this community post submitted couple of years back but would like to know if there is any monitoring tool available post that with any recent update. 

Performance / Load testing of GUI and Web services | Community Creatio


Also, if any one using Change log plugin, I would request your valuable feedback about the plugin usage based on performance metrics.


Please Note: we have  a site expected to have 200+ concurrent users.




Anupama K

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Hello Anupama,


Currently, Creatio does not have any kind of solution out of the box for this task.

You can monitor the performance of your instance in other ways by using next options:


If you have an on-site version of our product:

    You can use tools as Zabbix or Grafana;

    You could check the logs of your SQL server;

    You could check your IIS logs;

If you have a cloud version of our product:

     In case of any slowdowns of your instance, please contact our technical support.


Thank you,


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