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Hi community,


Is there any setting to set Partner Portal registration template? I found only SSP Portal registrations. Is it possible to set different template messages for SSP and Partner?


How can I build a password recovery  link? (to add to template message and let partner set his password)



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Hello Paulina,


It is possible to customize any text in the email template for notification about portal user registration. To edit the invitation email template: open 'System designer'  —> Lookups —> Email templates —> [ Open content ] —> “Template - Portal user registration”. Edit this template to customize the email text and layout, add localized versions.


You can refer to the following article:… ('Set up portal invitations' section). 

To set up a password recovery link, you need to customize the password recovery email template in 'System designer' menu —> [ Lookups ] —> [ Email templates ] —> “Link for password recovery”. Please find a detailed instruction regarding this question here:…


Hope this will help!


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